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Video: 7 Top Tips to Gain Muscle & Lose Fat in the Off Season!

7 Top Tips to Gain Muscle & Lose Fat in the Off Season!

Every DAY Counts! Spring Ball Starts Mid March!

Spring Ball is approaching! Can only gain 1/2-1lb of lean weight a week if in puberty and doing the training & NUTRITION at the same time!!!!!

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Parents and Athletes to overcome the setbacks, frustrations, minimal increases, low energy levels and noticeable size differentials by teaching the basics of knowing how to successfully gain the right weight.
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Take out the guess work and lost time!

My course on “30 Day Accelerated Gain Weight Program” will help Parents and Athletes to overcome the setbacks, frustrations, inconsistent energy levels, and noticeable size differentials by teaching the basics of knowing how to successfully gain the right weight. This allows them to optimize growth, stay healthy, have steady energy, build up self-confidence, be faster, increase strength and power, avoid performance plateaus and maximize recruiting opportunities at every level.

  • Session 1: After my session on optimally fueling, athletes will be able to know how much, what and when to fuel so they can confidently gain the right weight!

  • Big take away! Ask the expert your questions, calculate your calorie needs and select a predesigned menu template! NO MORE QUESS WORK!

  • Session 2: After my session on basic nutrition athletes will be able to understand portion size and food groups so they can optimally fuel their body, gain muscle and optimize every workout and stage of growth.

  • Big take aways! See how the menu template is working, ask the expert your questions directly, start weighing in and going over food groups and portion sizes in more detail to ensure long lasting success.

  • Session 3: After my session on eating awareness athletes will be able to understand how to review food labels so they can better comprehend what they are putting in their bodies. This maximizes food choices, starts creating long lasting habits and takes full advantage of body development.

  • Big take aways! Ask questions directly to the expert, report weight results, start being aware of what they are actually eating and to begin making informed decisions of foods they put in their body to perform and grow optimally!

  • Session 4: After my session on Pre-planning and overcoming obstacles athletes will be able to continuously meet their high calorie demands.

  • Big take aways! Ask the expert questions directly, report weight, review techniques on what to do when they feel full, not hungry, limited time, a picky eater, experiencing digestive issues and staying healthy so they can constantly meet their lean weight goals.

  • Bonus: Weekly Live 60 minute Zooms to ask the expert questions and learn. Replays available!

  • Bonus: Access to program for one full year from start of program date.

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Feed for Speed Podcast with Collegiate Baseball player John Codner

Listen to his weight gain journey with us! Tried on his own with no success! Now has gained over 30lb of lean weight!


Work with a Sports Dietitan Expert who is also an Athletic Trainer (prevents, treats and manages injuries) & Certified in Strength & Conditioning by the NSCA! She definitely understands the athlete's body!

  • Figure out your calorie needs and get a pre-designed menu to follow! Ask the expert questions and take out the guess work!.

    Because I am considered a medical professional and a Sports Dietitian I can provide educational pre-designed menus & inform you of which supplements maybe worthy! No more guess work!

  • You have access to the information for 1 year from the start of the program!

  • Weekly Live 60min Sessions. Replays will be available

    Wednesday, November 10th, 8pm EST/ Wednesday, November 17th, 8pm EST/ Wednesday, December 1st, 8pm EST/ Wednesday, December 8th, 8pm EST