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What to Eat & Supplement with for Holiday Training!

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What to Eat & Supplement for Holiday Training Swimming!

Two week accelerated program/Access 1 full year!

  • Session 1: After my lesson on Holiday training, swimmers and parents will know how much, what and when to fuel daily to enrich the caloric and nutrient demands of these grueling couple of weeks. This removes the guess work and lack of enhancing this major part of swim training. The goal is to stay healthy, recover and repair optimally and come of it with maximum performance benefits.

  • Select a predesigned Holiday swim menu template to follow to heighten the opportunity to stay healthy, recover and repair optimally and maximize the purpose of the intense training!

  • Session 2: After my lesson on supplements the athlete will be able to minimize setbacks and maximize every week of training to surpass their opposition. (Colds/Flu)

  • Big take away is what nutrients and supplements have shown to reduce colds/flus and reduce downtime! Bonus! Good for the whole swim season!

  • Live Zoom Calls Dec 9th & 16th with Replays available

  • Access to program for 1 full year from start of program!

  • Ask Dawn Weatherwax your specific questions!

  • Understand what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat during holiday training!

  • Receive lots of bonus materials! One will be lists of snacks to have on hand!

Take out the guess work and understand how much, when and what to fuel & supplement with on a daily basis, during holiday trainings and all day swim meets.

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The Value of this program is $2000.00!

Watch Intro Video

Feed for Speed Podcast with 12 year old Swimmer and Father

Listen to her amazing story about how our sports nutrition recommendations impacted her body and swim times!


Work with a Sports Dietitan Expert who is also an Athletic Trainer (prevents, treats and manages injuries) & Certified in Strength & Conditioning by the NSCA! She definitely understands the swimmer's body!

  • Pre-Designed Holiday Training Menu Template along with supplement recommendations for heavy training.

    Because I am considered a medical professional and a Sports Dietitian I can provide educational pre-designed menus & inform you of which supplements maybe worthy! No more guess work!

  • You have access to the information for 1 year from the start of the program. You can use the material for long course swim season!

  • 2 Live Zoom 60min Sessions. Replays will be available

    Opportunity to ask Dawn Weatherwax your individual questions directly. She has over 25 years of success working with swimmers!

What to Eat & Supplement with for Holiday Training Starts Dec 9th 2021 8p est

Limited Spots!


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