Joshua Head Soccer

Feed for Speed Podcast/Webinar hosted by Dawn Weatherwax Sports Nutrition Academy. Listen to how this young soccer player went from 20% body fat to 8%! Gained over 49lb of lean weight! Currently 6'4 187lb and 8% body fat at 18 years old. Plays for FC Cincinnati Academy. Looking to Pro!

Every DAY Counts!

Can only gain 1/4-1lb of lean weight a week if in puberty and doing the NUTRITION, training & recovery at the same time!!!!!

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Watch description of program in detail!

Take out the guess work and stop losing time!

In this course, parents and athletes will be able to know how much, what & when to eat to gain the right weight, take out the guess work, save precious time & maximize every training! This allows them to optimize growth, stay healthy, build healthy habits, avoid plateaus and maximize recruiting opportunities at every level.

  • Lesson 1: After my lesson on optimally fueling, athletes will be able to know how much, what and when to fuel so they can confidently gain the right weight!

  • Big take away! Calculate your calorie needs and select a predesigned menu template! On your schedule! NO MORE QUESS WORK! Ask the expert your questions via chat directly!

  • Lesson 2: After my lesson on basic nutrition athletes will be able to understand portion size and food groups so they can optimally fuel their body, gain muscle and optimize every workout and stage of growth. Will also review body composition in depth and its importance.

  • Big take aways! Start weighing in and going over food groups and portion sizes in more detail to ensure long lasting success. Measure body composition and set goals and ask the expert your questions via chat to clairfy your goals

  • Lesson 3: After my lesson on eating awareness athletes will be able to understand how to review food labels so they can better comprehend what they are putting in their bodies. This maximizes food choices, starts creating long lasting habits and takes full advantage of body development.

  • Big take aways! Start being aware of what they are actually eating and to begin making informed decisions of foods they put in their body to perform and grow optimally! Can do on your schedule!

  • Lesson 4: After my lesson on Pre-planning and overcoming obstacles athletes will be able to continuously meet their high calorie demands.

  • Big take aways! Review techniques on what to do when they feel full, not hungry, limited time, a picky eater, experiencing digestive issues and staying healthy so they can constantly meet their lean weight goals. Ask the expert questions via chat directly on your own time!

  • Bonus: Watch on Demand, Unlimited Replays, Chat directly to expert, on your schedule.

  • Bonus: Access to program for one full year from start of program date. Get free updates! Join private Facebook group to get recipe ideas, new food procucts, tips and much, much more throughout the year!


Work with a Sports Dietitan Expert who is also an Athletic Trainer (prevents, treats and manages injuries) & Certified in Strength & Conditioning by the NSCA! She definitely understands the athlete's body!

  • Figure out your calorie needs and get a pre-designed menu to follow! Ask the expert questions and take out the guess work!.

    Because I am considered a medical professional and a Sports Dietitian I can provide educational pre-designed menus & inform you of which supplements maybe worthy! No more guess work!

  • You have access to the information for 1 year from the start of the program!

  • Watch on Demand, unlimited replays, ask questions via chat directly to expert

    She has over 25 years of experience working with athletes.



  • Live Monthly 60 min calls with Dawn Weatherwax’s Sports Nutrition Academy

  • Ask your specific sports nutrition questions with an expert!

  • Live calls will be recorded and available for unlimited replays

  • VIP to upcoming specials

  • Discounts

  • Upgrade to Dawn Weatherwax’s Sports Nutrition Academy when available for a VERY SPECIAL price, and I mean unbelievable special price!

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  • Ones to come; (Titles and topics could change) • What Supplements should Young Athletes Take • Are Sports Drinks Good to Consume • Body image and sport • What to eat after trainings

  • Feed for Speed Podcast with athletes and parents of athletes who used our nutrition services

  • Asking your opinion on things to be added to Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy Site. This gives you an inside scoop, knowledge and opportunity to learn for no additional fee

  • Calculate how many calories you need

  • Sample daily menus

  • Lists of foods/ products to eat before, during and after workouts and competitions

  • Hydration calculator and importance

  • How much sleep you need and importance

  • Supplement recomendations for daily, immune, bone health, pre menstrual syndrome, low iron needs, brain health and much more

  • One time a month to ask Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy live sports nutrition questions

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  • Feed for Speed Podcast of athlete's outcomes utlizing our sports nutrition services

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