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Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. Thank you & Who is Dawn Weatherwax's, RD,LD,ATC,CSCS and CEO of Sports Nutrition 2Go & Dawn Weatherwax Sports Nutrition Academy

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    1. #1 What is the MOST important macronutrient to build muscle?

    2. #2 How MUCH protein is recommended to gain muscle?

    3. #3 What is the OPTIMAL way to eat protein to gain lean weight?

    4. #4 What is the MOST important essential amino acid to build muscle?

    5. #5 How much leucine is ideal to build muscle?

    6. #6 What foods have the lowest amount of leucine to gain muscle?

    7. # 7 Do you ADD more protein if you are not gaining weight/muscle?

    8. # 8 Are protein powders safe for a healthy athlete under 18 years old?

    9. SUMMARY

    1. How Much Lean Weight can be Gained for Teen Female and Male Athletes?

    1. Protein Powders and Youth Athletics. Are they Safe?

    1. Coach Said to Gain Weight. NOW WHAT?

    1. How to Order Fullscipt Protein Powder Supplements (They contain Klean Athlete products)

    2. To Order USANA Protein Powders

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Fuel Optimally! Train Smart! Get the Competitive Edge!

  • A ONE STOP resource you can trust & save precious time! This is an educational ONLY Academy and does NOT take place of medical advice.

  • Take out the guess work! Make us apart of your performance team! You gain a Sports Dieitian who has over 25 years of experience using nutrition & testing! You will be able to ask your questions directly via chat and belong to a very inclusive community to advance the goals & dreams of your athlete.

  • Know what, when & how much they need to eat. Understand how many calories needed for optimal growth, health, academics and performance & receive actual menus that meet those calorie needs NOT just tips! This impacts maximizing every training , recovery, staying healthy, high energy levels and minimizing fatigue. Beyond sports: Healthy habits for life

  • Understand Ideal body composition at different ages and sport and how to create a road map of optimal health & performance. Body Composition is about fueling optimally and understanding how much lean weight is impactful. It allows information to guide goals with nutrition, training and recovery.

  • Access to all online programs (Subject to change/More to come) • Gain Weight (Get Leaner) Accelerated Program • What to Eat & Supplement for Daily Swimming • What to Eat & Supplement for an All Day Swim Meet • What to Eat & Supplement for Holiday Training . Includes how to Calculate how many calories they need, Daily menus, Competition menus, Lists of foods/ products to eat before, during and after workouts and competitions.

  • Talk to an Expert, Get VIP invitation to Live Webinars! Options will be posted soon. Goal is one a month (subject to change). This could be with the owner or a guest speaker!

  • Receive the Tart Cherry Protocol • Access to eBooks; Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes & more • Get actual food product ideas and sample menus (Currently within the online programs) • Special Discounts on Supplements from Fullscipt (Klean, Thorne) Resync, USANA (Coming Soon) • Discount on Food Products (Coming Soon) VIP to upcoming Specials, Discounts & Coupons

  • Replays of all Webinars: Ones currently available (Titles and topics could change) • What Supplements should Young Athletes Take • Are Sports Drinks Good to Consume • Body image and sport • What to eat after trainings

  • Food for Speed Podcast with athletes and parents of athletes who used our nutrition services. Both Live & Replay options.

  • College Recruiting Tool (Coming Soon)


Work with a Sports Dietitan Expert who is also an Athletic Trainer (prevents, treats and manages injuries) & Certified in Strength & Conditioning by the NSCA! She definitely understands the athlete's body!

  • Menu and supplement recommendations

    Because I am considered a medical professional and a Sports Dietitian I can provide educational pre-designed menus & inform you of which supplements maybe worthy! No more guess work!

  • You have access to the information for 1 year from the start of the membership of Dawn Weatherwax's Sports Nutrition Academy

  • Understand from an expert who has been working with athletes for over 20 years and ask questions!

    Opportunity to chat with Dawn Weatherwax your individual questions directly. She has over 25 years of success working with young athletes!

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